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Endodontic Services

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

If a diagnosis of one or more teeth has been made indicating that there is dead, infected or dying nerve tissue within a tooth, then root canal treatment (RCT) has been recommended in order to prevent the tooth from becoming a source of continued pain and/or infection. RCT involves cleaning out the inside nerve space of a tooth, enlarging this space, and finally filling the interior with a dense, non-irritating rubber material. This space is filled so that no irritants remain within the tooth. RCT may take between 1 to 4 visits to complete depending on the difficulty of the tooth and how quickly the infection resolves. Success of RCT also relies upon a person's immune system functioning well. RCT allows a person to keep a tooth that may otherwise need extraction due to the presence of infection within the tooth caused by a diseased nerve, or to help attach a complex crown to a badly broken down tooth. Loss of teeth may result in decreased ability to chew and speak as well as changes in appearance.

We offer complete Endodontic services including 24-hour emergency service. We are In-Network providers for Humana, Cigna, Delta (Premier), Metlife and others. Our office hours are by appointment.

We offer:

  • Use of Nitrous Oxide as requested
  • Sedation
  • Use of State-of-the-Art surgical microscope



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